A Delegate, maybe?

Every blog begins with an idea.  The idea that started this one was, “There’s not a lot of information available for people who have been nominated as a Delegate for the Girl Scout National Convention.”  And that came up because I’ve been nominated, and I have been looking for information.  Did a I find any? Nope.  Nada.  Nyet.

I have looked on Google (trust me, I have tried every search term I could think of), I have looked on Pinterest.  I have looked for blog posts, I have looked for forum threads.  You don’t want to know the number of blog posts there are which say that Girl Scouts are communist lesbians who are apparently going to bring the end of civilization.  I didn’t want to know.  If you look for “packing for a convention”, you might get detailed descriptions of how to pack your Star Wars droid costume or how to get your cosplay weaponry through airport security without a hassle.

If I was going to a blogger conference (or surprisingly, a librarian’s conference), it would be no problem.  There are pages and pages of links to posts detailing what people packed, how they got it all in a single carry-on, what to do about roommates, what to expect at the conference, and what the schedule was like last year!

Add to that the issue that (as you can see in my About the Adventurer picture, I’m a fairly plus sized woman.  Which makes travel by air a whole lot of fun to contemplate.  This will be the first time since I was in college (nearly 20 years ago) that I will fly alone.  I’m not a nervous flyer; I used to fly from Texas to Arizona every summer and back to visit my grandparents. I love flying.  But the last several times I have flown, I have had one of my children sitting next to me, who didn’t mind if mommy’s hip was squished up against theirs.  I’m not so sure a stranger will feel the same way.

And yes, I know, it’s 9 months away.  I like to mull things over and prepare for a long time.  And there are certain things (like the suit) which I will need a lot of prep time for (I’ll explain that later, promise).  I should get more information after I get elected.  And yeah, I may not get elected (although, I have heard this was a low nomination year for my Council, so this is not likely), but even if I’m not this information will be helpful to the next “me”, who is elected and is panicking trying to figure out what to do, and comes from a Council who isn’t giving any information out.

That said, this is MY experience.  Your Mileage May Vary.

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