Getting Intel . . .

One of the things I have been doing over the past few weeks is reaching out to some of my fellow delegates, the “dinosaurs” (her words, not mine!) who have been there, done that.  Still just trying to figure things out.  My Council’s Annual Meeting, at which we will either be elected or not is about two months away, and I’m still not sure what is going on.

But I do have more information.  Council sent me a packet of information, and it was addressed to “National Delegate”, and all of my contacts assure me that the election is really a formality.  The great thing was that they had a list of the National Delegates listed (which I think is exactly as long as our Council is allowed to have) – and there were several names on the list I recognized as other Trainers.  The confusing thing was that none of it related to being a National Delegate – it was all information related to being a Council Delegate.  Even though I am a CLT (Community Leadership Team member, or Manager, if you will), I was not sure I could be one of the delegates from my Community.  It seems like a conflict of interest, and one of our staff partners said that this was true – it was a conflict of interest.  But apparently, that is not the case, according to someone who, as a Council Delegate, has voted for herself to be a National Delegate. She said the explanation she was given is that the Governor is allowed to vote for himself.

Which makes sense.  Yay, I don’t have to twist someone’s arm to get them up to Camp for the Meeting. 🙂

She also gave me some information I was not happy about.  That Hall of Exhibits (Experiences) I mentioned in my last post?  I will not get much time to see it.  Apparently the National Council Sessions take ALL DAY.  I had read somewhere that they were in the morning, but that is not what the voice of experience says.  And there was another mention of people from the audience going up to a microphone, with a sigh.

But, my friend did give me a helpful insight.  She said that GSUSA uses the National Council Sessions as a kind of focus group, giving us a heads-up of what is coming down the pipe.  Journeys were introduced at a National Council Session way before they appeared on the website.  And she said that GSUSA actually listened to the feedback given at the Council Session, tabling some ideas based on negative reactions.

It will be an interesting process to watch and be part of.

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