Packing List for Camp (Girls’ edition)

**Think this packing list is a little boring?  Want the updated version?  Check it out here!**

As a Troop Camper, I have three different packing lists that  have to worry about: the girl packing list, the troop packing list, and the food packing list.  A good troop campout will also have a first aid packing list and a crafts packing list.

Today, let’s talk about the easy one: the Girls’ packing list.  This is the list that you give to every girl to take home and pack from.  Try to stress that the GIRL should be the one packing – because the GIRL is the one who needs to know where everything is, and the GIRL should know that everything she needs is in the bag.

I have a stash of about four packing lists which vary on the length of the campout and the season, but they all started from one list.  That list got modified and altered and changed and updated, and continues to be every time we go camping.  Are we going to the beach in summer?  Allow the girls to bring shorts and water shoes.  Are we staying for 3 nights? Add in an extra set of clothes, and if there’s someplace to take a shower – shampoo, soap, and body towel.  Are we day camping?   Don’t need anything but the trail bag and maybe the mess kit (unless there’s a good chance they will get wet and/or muddy, then pack an extra set of clothes and leave in the car).  Are we going to be somewhere where there are dishes available for us (most of our Council’s camps do)? Then nix the mess kit.

It may seem like a lot of work, but if you start with a good base list and add or subtract as necessary, it really takes no time.  And here is my original list to get you started, in .doc format so you can edit and adapt as necessary.

2 Night Winter Packing List

(Isn’t my daughter a cutie?  This was her all packed up and ready to go for her first summer camp.  This list doesn’t work for summer resident camp, though, sorry.  Just a cute pic!)

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