Packing List for Camp (Troop Edition)

**Think this packing list is a little boring?  Want the updated version?  Check it out here!**

My troop packing list is something which has been handed down from Camp Trainer to student, from Camp Director to Troop Leader. I’m attaching one that I literally was emailed as part of the paperwork for a long past Service Unit Campout, and it was what I used to start my troop camp box. When my mother took Standard Troop Camp training earlier this year, she took my box and went through it piece by piece and added and subtracted according to her list from her training session (it was mostly replacing things which we ran out of, like detergent and soap).

The list I am attaching is NOT geared specifically towards going to one of our Council camps, which has a full cabinet of pots, pans, dishes, and silverware. This list works for Girl Scout camps (not all of which are fully stocked), and it will also work for State and National Parks, which do not have the amenities offered at our Council camps, so this is a good list to have.

If you are camping at a Girl Scout Camp like ours, which has all the cooking and dining gear, you will not need:

  • all pots and pans
  • peelers
  • mixing bowls
  • long handled spoons
  • stove top coffee pot/ tea kettle
  • 3 buckets for dishwashing
  • plates
  • bowls
  • silverware
  • cups (but have each girl bring a plastic one, anyway, because hot chocolate in a metal cup is hard to drink!)
  • shovel
  • water bucket

But, I still bring my own teapot to boil water for my coffee. Those Coffee Singles are, BTW, the greatest camping invention ever. I’m just saying.

Also, and I cannot stress this enough, buy a GOOD MANUAL CAN OPENER.  Your camp may say that it has can openers, and there might be can openers – but 9 times out of 10 it’s broken or rusty or too warped to be usable, and I have end up using the can opener on my multitool, which is not fun.  The one I linked to is an OXO, which is a brand I love, especially for small girls who may not have a lot of strength yet – just like the adults with arthritis or hand injuries OXO designs for.

And yes, I get all of this into an 18 gal storage container, which gets stored in the garage when not at camp.  I recommend getting the more heavy duty Roughneck series from Rubbermaid.  Mine has survived 5 years of abuse so far, and has served as a seat more than once.  It has our troop number and “Camping Supplies” written on all sides and the top, so that I know which box is ours whether it’s in a row of similar troop boxes at camp or on the shelves in my garage.

Troop Packing List

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