Packing List for Camp (The Other List)

**Guess what, I actually made a downloadable “other” list!  Check it out here!**

Wait, other list???  What other lists could there be, you ask?

Well, first, there’s the food list.  Sorry, I can’t help you with that one in this post.  You need to base that off a menu that you and your troop come up with together.  Perhaps I will write a post about menu planning at another time.

Nope, this is about the all-important craft box. 🙂  It wouldn’t be Girl Scout camp without crafts!  And this won’t be a list, so much as a guide, because you can take at least two different tacks to building your craft box.

Tack 1 – The Event Specific Box

This craft box can be as small as a shoebox like the box above, or as big as your Troop Camp Box (18gal storage box).  The way this box works is, you figure out what activities you will be doing, and then pack only what you need for that.  This is best for trips where you plan a lot of activities, or you will have a long way to carry your gear.

When I say activities, I mean either badge work, or general camp crafts, or service activities.  For instance, for one campout, my troop earned our Council’s Native American Heritage patch since we were sleeping in teepees.  I only brought the tools and supplies for the activities we were doing that weekend: loom-making and weaving, jewelry making, and box decorating.  It all fit easily in a little basket.

Tack 2 – The Everything Box

This is the box  where you keep EVERYTHING: glue, scissors, felt, foam, wiggly eyes, chenille stems, pompoms, stickers, markers, crayons, and lots and lots of safety pins!  Okay, I don’t mean everything.  Chances are you won’t have any outlets, so don’t pack a glue gun.  Think about temperature and don’t pack melty stuff (like crayons) when it will be really hot.  Also, expect this box to be shaken AND stirred quite a bit, unless you have it in OCD-type organization; so check that bottles are tight and zip bagged.  Beads should be put into small containers that are easy to open and close for the age of your troop. And make sure you stock enough scissors (I like 1 pair per 3-4 girls).

And I’m serious about the safety pins.  Camp is a great time to make SWAPs, especially if you’re at a Community/ Service Unit Weekend.


Here are some Pinterest boards which I created which could have some cool camp ideas:

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