Mini First Aid Kit

This is my small first aid kit, the one that goes in my purse, in my hiking bag, in the bag I take to meetings, basically it goes everywhere with me!  I started with an aluminum watchmaker’s case I got from a bead store ages ago.  Mine was a 6 jar, really small, about 4″x6″.  The jars are about 1.5″ in diameter, and I took out 4 of them to have room for the other stuff.  I then filled the two I left with the medicines I use most, but I don’t officially recommend this to anyone, as you should leave medicines in their original wrapping so you have an expiration date on them.  As you can see, I have some blister pack sections with other medicines, like a generic Benedryl and Claritin.


I also have an assortment of bandages in there (I think I have Spongebob, Princess, Rainbow, and some Marvel ones, plus larger Telfa pads), alcohol wipes, a tiny bee sting relief, safety pins, and of course the all-important TWEEZERS.  On the lid, you can also see that this is where I keep my First Aid Certification Cards, my Camp Trained Certification card, and the emergency info card for my Council.  And then I keep it all closed with several rubber bands, because it doesn’t seal and so that I have rubber bands.  It could use some single use packets of antibiotic cream, but it works. 🙂

Oh, and yeah, it’s labeled.  But that’s because it looks identical from the top or bottom, and having that label tells me which way is up.

And I love my labeler.

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