Personal Adventure Question

So, this weekend is Easter, and my family has decided that we are going to drive to San Antonio for the 3-day weekend. It’s a shortish (3-4 hour) drive, and will be quite lovely with the highways all blanketed in wildflowers (BTW, April is the BEST month for road tripping in the Eastern half of Texas – I’ll try to get some good pics).

We don’t have family there, so we will be staying in a hotel. We’re actually going to go to Sea World.  We’re not especially religious, but the Easter Bunny does make an annual appearance, and probably will until my son is in middle school.

My question is, does anyone have any fun ideas for Easter in a hotel room?  My mother will be joining us, so we will actually have two rooms, and the Easter Bunny frequently gets confused and hides my kids’ eggs at Grandma’s house, so that is not new.  I was hoping that Sea World would have something going on, but apparently not.  And if we decide to have our usual Eggs Benedict breakfast, it will have to come from Room Service, which might be fun, but will definitely be pricey.

The good thing is that my son already begged that this would be the year we used plastic eggs filled with treats instead of real eggs that the kids decorated.  Wish granted.  But does anyone have any ideas for a little something extra to do?  Something funny, something snarky, something sweet?  Something that can be done with a kitchen or a lot of mess? 😀

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