Easter on the Road

7:00 am, Easter Sunday.

The kids are still asleep after a long exhausting fun day at Seas World.  My husband and I are checking email on phones and iPads and quietly discussing who would be getting dressed enough to go downstairs for the good coffee creamer (it was him).

I get a text from my mother, “OMG”.

Yes, my mother texts.

“WUT?” I text back.  No coffee = extra snark.

“Come see.  Bring the kids.”  My mom texts, but she’s not fast, so her messages are usually short and to the point.  Oh, did I mention that my mom went with us on our road trip?  Yep, she’s a trooper (literally, she’s my Troop Co-Leader).  She had a separate room, which made Easter on the road doable.

After we woke them up and padded across the hall, we were met by an excited Grandma, who couldn’t really explain what happened.  The kids quickly decided that the Easter Bunny is a crazy stalker dude, who followed us from Houston, spied on the kids to discover that they slept in Grandma’s room the night before, and left their Easter baskets and hid eggs there.  The eggs were hidden all over the room: on light fixtures, under pillows, in the mini fridge, with the free shampoo, and the hardest one was the one I posted a pic of: behind the ice bucket.

Mom also brought crafty stuff to do, just in case.  Decorating plastic eggs using ideas from here.  Duct tape wallets.   But nothing too over the top, because we had to hide it in the car from the kids.  The funniest thing to me was when we found some “bunny poop” on the floor:


I hope your Easter was as filled with fun and surprise as ours was.

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