Hygiene Kit (Bags)

For each of these kits, you literally have thousands of options. My mom has one of these, and swears by it for all travel. Me, I think it’s too big for anything but a road trip. But if you have that much non-liquid, non-gel stuff to pack, it’s very well made and well designed.

The bag I am going to use for my camping kit is actually the mesh bag a compression bag was sold in. It’s long enough for a full sized toothbrush, about 3 inches wide, and flat; and that’s really all I need to hold my camping supplies, except my washcloth and towel, but those can easily go in my bag. I like that the bag is mesh so my toothbrush and soap will dry out, and not get all icky and mildewy in there; and that I am using my resources wisely by reusing the packaging. I also like the little loops on each end. I think I will loop one around a carabiner for an easy hanging hook.

I have a soft train case style bag that I currently use as my hygiene, which will continue to serve for my road trip bag. It’s big enough to carry full sized shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray; body spray; makeup kit with mineral makeup, primer, brushes, and lipstick; razor; full sized deodorant; body glide (lovely stuff for preventing chafing); toothbrush; toothpaste (there was room for full-sized but I already had a travel packed in it); and full sized hairbrush. Or carry large refillable bottles (larger than 3oz.), plus a full makeup kit and regular sized other necessities. I like that the top zips open so that I can really see what’s in there, without having to dig through a narrow zip opening like on some pouch style bags.

But for flying, that bag just encourages me to overpack. For my flight ready bag, I am considering getting one of these small packing cubes. They are very small, but if I am packing TSA compliant sized bottles, and I limit myself to basic makeup, then I think it is completely doable. Frankly, the only reason I am considering makeup at all, as it is not part of my normal day to day life, is that I will be representing my Council in Utah, and I want to look my best. And more often than not, we fly when it is my husband and I taking a nice trip together: our honeymoon, his Master’s degree presentation in Vegas.

Next post: the lists!






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