Traveling in a Carryon

One of the rules I have made for myself when planning for this trip to Utah is not to check luggage. Even though I will probably be flying Southwest (since I will be flying out of its hub, Houston, and it is one of the cheapest airlines around) which allows you to check two bags free, I just don’t want to have to deal with the possibility of lost luggage if I can avoid it.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of resources for traveling light in a carry-on (some of the ones I like best are listed to the side). Here are some of the thoughts I had that weren’t covered by those sites:

  1. As with most conferences/conventions, you are going to get stuff. Some of it will be good stuff (pamphlets helping you plan your troop’s trip to Our Cabana, for instance). Some of it will be edible stuff (samples from Little Brownie and ABC and Ashdon Farms and the other nut company) which will be useful for snacking between sessions or the flight home. And some of it will be things you may decide you don’t need to bring home (another metal water bottle). When I went to the 52nd Convention, I got a free tote bag filled with free goodies, including a windup flashlight and a metal water bottle – not the easiest things to pack home on a flight – along with my visitor day pass (not the Hall of Experiences pass, the volunteers got the good tickets).  I will need to remember to pack in such a way as to be able to bring home the goodies I want, and have the strength to say no to the goodies I don’t really want.
  2. Can I really fit all those clothes in one bag? PLUS SIZE clothes? We’ll see.
  3. Really? No navy based business travel capsules???? (Yep, still stewing about it)
  4. Is Dr. Bronner’s really all that?
  5. What is the best way to pack a suit into a carry-on?
  6. By all that is holy, I am going to the desert.  How the heck do I look professional when I can’t breathe due to altitude and lack of humidity?!?!?


So, with #2 on the list in mind, now that I have my capsule sorted out for the trip, I did a test run to see if I could get all those plus sized clothes in my undersized carry-on.  I made a big old sloppy bundle, and popped it in my suitcase along with some navy flats I found in the back of my closet (which I am NOT wearing, because the soles are floppy-broke and they are scuffed to heck, but they work for simulating the pair of shoes I will need to bring.


Packed in the bundle is my suit jacket, suit pants, a pair of leggings to simulate the khakis I haven’t gotten yet, my white dress shirt, my beautiful overtunic, both tanks, my first aid kit and my hygiene kit to hold the place of my core, and the flats.  There is still plenty of room for all the stuff I might get at the convention (as long as I don’t go overboard and get a giant stuffed animal or a sleeping bag or something crazy like that), my pajamas, and my underthings.  But I need to do something about a core.  I can’t use my hygiene bag, since I will need to get at it in security.  And now I know that an Eagle Creek Quarter Cube will be way too small (that is what my hygiene kit is packed in).  So I am thinking I will get full sized Packing Cube to hold my underthings and pajamas and be my core.  So, I guess that takes care of #5, too, huh?

I’m currently testing #4, review to come later.

I need to do more research for #6, but I think I can safely say that I don’t have to worry about my makeup melting off (unlike here at home).  But I am testing minimal makeup ideas, anyways, because I want to look good, but I don’t want to have to fuss for an hour each morning.  I would much prefer sitting outside with a cup of coffee looking at scenery I don’t have at home.


  1. Here’s a Navy travel wardrobe. You won’t need as many clothes:
    I would suggest wearing your suit coat to save space in your carry on bag. Wear it with a pair of jeans if you wish. If you don’t want to wear it, then here is a video:

    I uses a an ultra light stuff sack as my core. I Put my undies and scarves in it and shape it into a pseudo rectangle shape. Then I wrap my stuff around that.
    #4 – Or you could just decant the liquids you want.
    Delegate dinner – A nice jersey knit dress plus blazer?

    • I like your navy capsule. 🙂 I thought about grey, because grey and navy look so good together, but since I don’t have a lot of grey in my wardrobe, it would mean buying stuff that wouldn’t necessarily be able to be worn aside from this trip. And it’s near impossible to find grey in my size that isn’t heather grey t-shirt material – not professional looking.

      I might wear my jacket as you suggest. According to my research, the weather in October in Utah might be cold enough to warrant bringing my winter jacket (considering I’m coming from Houston, where it snows only about once every 10 years). Definitely something to think about, though. 🙂 That video is genius.

      I like the idea of using a stuff sack! I love stuff sacks and compression bags.

      Trying out Dr. Bronner’s is more of seeing whether it is the magic soap that I see it touted as on so many travel and camping websites. If it works for my superfine, superflat hair and my sensitive face, etc. etc., then it will be well worth packing.

      Ew, dresses. >.< For other people, that would totally be a fab idea, but I really don't like wearing dresses much. For the Delegate Dinner, I will probably swap out my suit jacket for my patterned overtunic (which I love). The overtunic is so sheer and floaty, I can probably roll it neatly and carry it in my tote bag during the Council Session if there isn't enough time for me to go back to my hotel before the dinner.

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