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My puppy likes webinars.

My puppy likes webinars.

So, I just finished participating in the first National Delegate webinar.  I’m not sure what to say.  I love that GSUSA and GSSJC are both using webinars more and more for presentations and trainings.  Let me count the ways that I love this:

  1. Training in pajamas.  Sold.
  2. I don’t have to drive into downtown Houston or find someone to watch my kids.
  3. I can pet my dogs while I get the information I need.
  4. For this delegate thing, I’m not sure HOW they handled this without webinars.  Conference calls? (ouch, holding a phone to my ear for an hour) Cutting down a forest for the documentation? (and then having to read language devised by attorneys and marketers, sheesh)
  5. Did I mention I can do this while wearing pajamas? )

I’ve participated in quite a few from my local Council, and always found them an enjoyable alternative to a half hour to 3 hour drive for a training or meeting.

For a local webinar, we usually have one person handling all the technical support part of running the software and fishing technical issues.  Then two to eight people presenting information depending on the webinar.  And at least a couple of people who never speak but are just typing away in the background answering participant questions and passing those that seem like they would be of interest to everyone to the speaker/techie.

Now the important thing to realize is that as a Facilitator, and as a rampant extrovert, I know all these people.  While I may not necessarily know which person is behind the screen fielding my questions at any particular time, I’m pretty sure it’s someone I’ve met, who knows me well enough to put a name to a face.  So, the snark begins to fly.  I can’t help it.  I have a perverse sense of humor I inherited from my father, I giggle at funerals and make snarky comments to people who are trying to run training sessions.  And then the person who was behind the keyboard finds me at the next big Council event and we giggle some more . . .

But this one was . . . different.

Yeah, this Delegate one was not like that.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never met a single person involved in that webinar (yet), and I’m pretty sure they would view my sarcasm and humor as a lack of focus.

Which in a way, it’s the exact opposite of.  I noticed that this time, unable to make gentle fun of what was being said, I was way more likely to tune out.  I heard people asking questions that were so far afield of the proposal being discussed that it was eyerollingly funny.  And that’s about the time I started surfing the web . . .

Oh, well.  One Delegate webinar down, two to go.  And one more webinar to do this week (local though, this time).

How do you focus during webinars?  Do pajamas help?  I bet they help . . .


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