Travel Planner

I admit it.  I’m kind of a planner addict.  I can’t help it.  Planners combine some of my favorite things into one super cool product.  Books – check, blank stationary – double check, pens of awesomeness – CHECK, and the ability to doodle out my stressful over-planning – DING, DING, DING, WE HAVE A WINNER!

Last year I finally allowed myself to look at the Filofaxing community online.  Whoa.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, this blog will give you an idea.  Who knew that keeping an organizer/agenda/planner/what-have-you would involve so much washi tape and stickers?  And the inserts on etsy?  OMG.

Even though I LOVE my iPhone, and use it religiously to keep almost all of my information.  I find that it is much easier for me to write something on paper than type it onto that tiny little screen.  I’m not slouch at typing with my thumbs, mind you, but I grew up in the era before laptops in school became commonplace.  I write very quickly, and (compared to my kids) very legibly (actually compared to my husband, too, which is why I have to fill out all documents that need to be read at some point).

I still have a tiny nubbin of a writer’s callus left on my middle finger.

So, I splurged.  I got myself on honest to goodness Filofax (a Compact Calypso in teal for other planner nerds), and when it arrived, I fell in love. The color is beautiful, the leather is wonderful, the size is . . . well, not that great for use as my regular life planner.  I decided that Personal is just too small for me and the 15mm rings don’t hold nearly enough of the things I would like to keep in my planner.

So, I’m thinking about using it for my planner for the trip to Utah.  There should be plenty of room for what I need to keep track of there.   I have searched and searched and SEARCHED for travel planning inserts.  There are some gorgeous ones on etsy, but many use just too much ink or are bundled in with too much stuff or are just way too kawaii for my tastes.  I like my cute in small doses, not blasted all over my life.

I will need to track:

  • airline and flight information
  • hotel information
  • contact information for other people from my Council
  • budget
  • list of souvenirs (for myself, my daughter, my troop)
  • daily schedule
  • Conversations I would like to go to
  • wardrobe planner
  • info on the proposals being voted on
  • journaling pages to just write down my thoughts in the evenings
  • maps of Salt Lake City (in case I get to move around the city), Utah (so I know where I am in the state), and Texas (to show people where I’m from)
  • researched lists of good healthy restaurants in the convention center area

What else would you want to keep track of in a travel organizer?

No Jacket Required

Woot! So after all my angst and worry about wearing a “professional” blazer to represent my Council in the most dignified way I can – now I find out I can actually be comfortable!  Once I was able to log on to the Delegate Resource site, I noticed that the exemplar piture they have of a woman in official Girl Scout uniform is wearing . . .


A navy sweater.  THIS navy sweater.  The one that is curently on sale for $9 at and is listed as a T-SHIRT.

Rather than get my knickers in a twist over the unnecessary angst, I merely cheered loudly and made plans to return the blazer I bought to wear for the Convention (and that I would wear  NOWHERE ELSE).  I am totally going to get a waterfall style jacket instead, which is a design I love and I think looks much more attractive on my bulk than a structured jacket.

It will not look good over my white button down blouse, but my intention was to wear that on days when I didn’t wear a jacket anyway – I get too hot to wear a long sleeve shirt and a jacket.

So the lesson for other Girl Scout National Delegates (for 2014 and beyond), is that “business attire” in the GSUSA lexicon means “business casual” but don’t forget the scarf and pins!

Oh, and speaking of scarves – I found the one I really wanted on ebay, and it arrived, and I’m so loving it!  I was not a fan of the current scarf (not big on polka dots, and the background is a little too dark for me).  I would love either of the 100th Anniversary ones, but silk is out of my price range.  So I got one from several years ago, which I fell in love with months ago when I was reseaching the various scarves.


I love all the different blues and greens (except the chartreuse, I really hate chartreuse) on this scarf.  I like that it is an oblong scarf, as that seems easiest to work with (as a non-scarf-wearer).  And even though it is polyester, it has a really nice drape and feel.

What’s your favorite Girl Scout scarf?