Non-trivial details – the proposals

Okay, am I the only delegate who is kinda wishing that we were going to be voting on something a little more earth shattering that who appoints to CFO? 🙂

But this is how democracy works, right?  Small incremental changes.  I just had to try to explain the proposals to my Community last night at our monthly meeting.  I actually got some questions about the third proposal, whether the Past Presidents hold be on the Board.  They were confused because it will continue to say Past Presidents will be full voting members of the National Council.  I got excited because I could actually answer it in a way that would be understandable (I am a full voting member of the National Council for the next three years, that is who votes at the National Convention, but the Board of Directors is a whole ‘nother animal).

I am WAY more excited about the Outdoor Experience Discussion.  I am counting the days until I can retire as CLT (SUM, if you don’t use our jargon), Registrar, and Placement Specialist for my Community so that I can get back to being a Troop Leader and Outdoor Facilitator.  Guess where I stand on the discussion. 🙂

Any other delegates out there feeling underwhelmed by the proposals?

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