About the Adventurer

GSConv with uniform

At the 52nd Girl Scout National Convention

No, I’m not really earning the Senior Girl Scout Adventurer Badge; I’m not even a Senior Girl Scout! That’s me on the left. I’m way past the age of earning badges, but I’m NOT past the age of having adventures – and being in Girl Scouts is great for women who love adventure.

My name is Jean, and I have been a Girl Scout Leader for 7 years now, since my daughter was a Kindergardener.  Since I had not been a Girl Scout as a girl myself, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.  But with the help of lots and lots of information available on the internet, I made it through my first year.  And I found something that really fits for me.  It fits my philosophy, it fits my personal view on what girls need to learn, and it fits the sense of adventure I have always loved incorporating into my life.

Since that first year, not only have a been blessed with a troop full of amazing girls that I love, but I have also started to be the kind of Leader who bleeds green if you prick them.  I did 3 years as our Service Unit Fall Product Manager.  I became an Outdoor and Enrichment Facilitator (I train Leaders how to take their girls to camp and how to make cool stuff).  And this year, I am serving on our Community Leadership Team, trying to manage a merged Community (previously Service Units).

My husband wishes I got paid for this. 🙂

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