Happy Birthday!

She was kind of a stern looking woman, wasn’t she?  But as far as role models for girls go, she’s pretty awesome.

Juliette Gordon Low . . .

  • stood on her head at every birthday just to prove she could do it.
  • helped organize a convalescent hospital during the Spanish American War.
  • started Girl Scouts when she was in her 50s.
  • welcomed girls of all nationalities and abilities into Girl Scouts at a time when this was not done.
  • encouraged girls to not only learn about homemaking in the 1920s, but also science and business.
  • flew in some of the earliest powered planes.
  • would frequently use her deafness to pretend not to hear when someone tried to get out of doing work for the Girl Scouts. (I wish I could use this sometimes . . .)
  • acted fearlessly, compassionately, and intelligently at all times.  And had a great sense of humor, too.

Happy birthday, Juliette, and thank you for bringing into being an organization that means so much to me and my daughter.

Camping SWAPs

Links to more ideas:

A lot of the camping SWAPs are the same thing you see twenty million times (like the bedroll and marshmallow on a stick above).  If you have a particularly unique one, I would love it if you posted a link or a pic in the comments!